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About us


Studio Linda Mai Phung is a creative and sourcing studio based in Paris, specializing in eco-design, corporate social responsibility and art direction in sustainable fashion. We guide brands to design and develop low impact products and advise companies to transition to a more sustainable model. 

A fashion designer passionate about sustainable development, fifteen years of experience and exciting projects have shaped my expertise along the entire value chain: from eco-design of fashion to responsible textile production, including Corporate Social Responsibility compliance for brands and factories in Asia and Europe.

To realize your projects, I surround myself with an ecosystem of designers, workshops, suppliers, and agencies with whom we share a common vision of fashion:

Desirable and high quality products, designed to last with low environmental impact materials, produced responsibly by companies with a culture of transparency and respect for people, communities, and the planet.

Passionate about creation and innovative materials, we have created and produced over 40 collections of denim, premium ready-to-wear, sportswear, flou, and tailoring in Europe and Asia.

We also offer trainings to convey the best practices of eco-design and CSR to professionals in the fashion and luxury sectors.

Please feel free to write me to discuss your project.


Graduating from the DSAA Fashion Design at Duperré in Paris, I co-founded two sustainable women's and men's ready-to-wear brands while ensuring responsible production in Asia and Europe alongside artisans, workshops, and factories.

These brands have been featured in L'Officiel, The New York Times, Harper's Bazaar, ELLE, L'Express Styles, VOGUE, and have won four awards for eco-responsible fashion creation.


Between 2010 and 2019, my commitment to sustainable development led me to manage Corporate Social Responsibility projects for brands and factories: training, responsible communication, traceability, life cycle analysis, and application of standards, labels, and certifications.


In 2020, I learned UX/UI design, in order to train myself in human-centered design and digital design and research.

Today, I am a consultant in eco-design and corporate social responsibility for fashion and luxury companies and commit myself to associations for a better fashion production and consumption.

My personal passion for craftsmanship and Asian cultures is expressed through the publication of exclusive creations sold in our online shop.

Consult my LinkedIn profile and say hi.


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