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Linda Mai Phung, the ethical fashion brand

Founded in 2020 and put on hiatus in 2016, our brand celebrating Vietnamese know-how with a proven French Touch will be back in spring 2023. With the aim of being even more responsible and to be able to manage our design studio activities and consulting at the same time, we decided to do less, but better by following the principles of Slow Fashion. How ?

🎨 By co-creating together a wardrobe that will be composed of 10 pieces for 2023: we will take the bestsellers and update them according to the desires of our customers.

😎 The pieces were and will always be made by craftsmen, in the most responsible way possible with comfortable and low ecological impact textiles. Of course, they will be as stylish, timeless and high-end as all our previous collections.

💻 Finally, each piece will be put on pre-order online in the spring of 2023, so as not to produce stock and minimize waste: we will only produce what you order.

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Thank you and see you soon !

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