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A fresh start, together.

Paris, September 23rd 2022,


Dear friends and collaborators,

The last time I spoke to you was in 2016 from Saigon, when we decided to put the Linda Mai Phung brand on hiatus. Today from Paris, I am pleased to announce the come back of our creations, but differently. 🎉

That is when you come into play, because our company changes its model.

In order to be even more responsible and to be able to manage my consulting activities in parallel, we will do less, but better by following the principles of Slow Fashion.

🎨 Together, we are going to co-create a wardrobe of 10 pieces: by selecting the best of our bestsellers and update them according to your wishes with design surveys!

😎 There will always be made by artisans and in the most responsible way possible with comfortable and low impact fabrics. Obviously, there will be as stylish, timeless and high-end as the previous collections.

💻 Finally, all items will be on pre-order in our online store next spring, so as not to produce stocks, minimize waste and be financially fair.

💨 Regarding our ecological impact, I am well aware that producing in Vietnam and delivering to Europe or elsewhere does not limit our CO2 emissions. In response to this important subject, I can only be as transparent as possible by informing you about the impact of my choice of materials, our production and delivery methods.

If I produce in Vietnam, it is because it is important to me to convey its exceptional know-how and its culture through our creations and to perpetuate artisanal and social activities such as the cooperative of the weavers of Mai Chau.

Let's test this new model together, feel free to feedback at any times, I’ll be happy to share our journey. Click on this bestsellers' survey to let me know your wishes and send me your questions and suggestions. It will take you less than 5 minutes.



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