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July 2020–7 days

A UX/UI training project that I had the opportunity to present to the Product Design team.

Add a feature

Founded in 2009, Vestiaire Collective is the leader in the resale of luxury and designer items in France.
Every week, sellers around the world upload 25.000 new items, enabling buyers to search over 3.500 pieces per day.
I chose to work on its app because I have a great interest in circular fashion and the company seems to be increasingly committed to sustainable fashion on social media.

Role: UX/UI Designer, market study, competitive analysis, user researches, ideation, wireframing, prototyping, user testings, Atomic design.

Tools: Sketch, Mural, Marvel, Photoshop.

Find all the UX process and the company feedback on Medium.

Sustainable features

My research and the competitive analysis of the clothing resale market led me to conclude that Vestiaire Co. has the opportunity to attract sustainable fashion consumers to its platform by working on sustainability features and content for sellers and buyers.

An ideation workshop, 8 interviews with second-hand clothing consumers allowed me to identify a sustainable fashion feature to develop for private sellers: an alert notification for the donation or recycling of a garment published on the platform but which does not sell.

The product will be sent to charity for a second life or to recycling companies with the relay of Vestiaire Collective, which already has an infrastructure where the the products sold goes through when it requires authentication.

Flow alarm set.png
Recycle flow.png

In order to test the interest and usability of this new option, I submited a prototype that combines the 2 flows to 6 users selling second-hand clothes.

The donation / recycling concept is very successful thanks to the gratification and sharing page on Instagram. Some hesitation should be noted for the donation when the product is from a major brand, classic in style, or when it also has emotional value.

This is why it is necessary to communicate information on the second life of the product before and after the act of recycling or donation.

Finally, I had the opportunity to join the Vestiaire Collective Product Design team as part of a professional immersion at the end of the training and to be able to present my project to collect enriching comments from the VP and the designers.

Find all my UX approach and comments by consulting my Medium post.

final screen - IG .png
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