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Facial Yoga

August 2020 - 10 days

UX/UI training project Ironhack

With: Lucie Lépine, remote working.

Design of a well-being app

Very often, with all our wish to be healthier, we download this promising fitness app, use it once with slight success, and ... never use it again.

Let's challenge this habit.
Facial yoga is booming, it's a natural alternative to relaxation and anti-aging remedies.
Our challenge is to create features and a design system that will encourage users to engage in this practice.


Role: UX/UI Designer, market study, user researches, user testings, features prioritization, wireframing, prototyping, visual identity.

Tools: Mural, Figma, Invision, Zoom.

Find all the UX process in Medium.

facial yoga .jpeg

After sending a survey with 50 yogis and interviews with 15 practitioners, we created a happy and fresh mood board to convey the playful aspect of the practice.
With facial yoga, users shape their face. So we opted for a creative direction with abstract shapes and artistic lines. For the palette, solid and bold tones like cobalt blue and neon yellow to contrast with the natural tones of the skin.

moodboard face yoga.png

Our Style Tile is tested by 20 users with a desirability test which confirms the concepts of our moodboard: it reminds them of these adjectives: playful, trendy and friendly.

During our Marketing research and users interviews, we noticed that they need a regular monitoring of visual and relaxing benefits to motivate them to practice regularly.

Thus, we decided to work on the functionalities of: taking a Selfie before / after with a dated gallery but also a questionnaire to follow the different effects of rejuvenation, relaxation and facial musculature over the course of the practice.

styletile faceyoga.png
Frame 10-wix.png

The 'My Evolution' flow

Many users told us about the embarrassment felt when practicing at home because of the funny faces made around their loved ones or flatmates. We celebrated humor by integrating a videoconferencing feature to do these exercises with friends.

Frame 9-wix.png

The 'Group Session' flow


'My Evolution' flow

'Group Session' flow

Find the whole process of our UX research by consulting this Medium post.

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