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UI challenge fashion revolution

August 2020 - 7 days

UX/UI training project Ironhack

With: Sahar Mohammadi, remote working.

UI Challenge: event micro-site

Fashion Revolution is a global movement founded on April 24, 2013, the day of the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh.
Each year, each of the 89 member countries holds a week of presentations and workshops with designers and brands to raise awareness of their vision: 'We love fashion. But we don't want our clothes to exploit people or destroy our planet.'

The objective of the project is to create a micro-site for the annual event in France.

The defined deliverable is a high-fidelity mobile version prototype and a responsive desktop page.

Role: UX/UI Designer, user testings, sitemap, card sorting, prototypes, tests, visual identity.

Tools: Mural, Sketch, Invision, Zoom.

Find all the UX process on Medium.

moodboard-fashrev-nature copy.jpg

Moodboard: 'natural metamorphoses'

A desirability test with 5 fashionistas interested in ethical fashion of the international site revealed that this site seems: technical, confusing because of the abundance of information and clickable links, and that it lacks of fashion visuals. These pages would not attract new visitors and potential supporters.

We decided to design a clearer and desirable site to hold the attention of new visitors and, consequently, to make the next Fashion Revolution Week in Paris a successful event.

Style tile.png

UI style tile

Frame 9.png
Frame 11.png
Find the process of our UX / UI Design research by consulting this Medium post.
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