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Fashion & Impacts

Fashion and Impacts Workshop is a collaborative workshop inspired by the Climate collage based on an educational card game for understanding the impacts of the fashion and textile industry through cause and effect links. It also allows us to consider sustainable and ethical solutions to be put in place for a more virtuous model.

A fun and collaborative tool that is accessible to everyone.


The fashion and textile industry is extremely polluting and opaque, but we can transform collectively by understanding its issues and problems.


Fashion and Impacts Workshop is an educational game which aims to raising awareness of the impact of the textile industry and the current fashion business model on the environment and living beings. 

Its reason for being is to convey the stakes of the fashion and textile industry to head towards more responsible production practices and more sustainable fashion consumption.

The workshops are accessible to citizens, businesses, schools, communities and associations.

Image by Drew Dizzy Graham


A collaborative workshop of 12 people maximum led by a facilitator, which lasts 3 hours with 3 phases to take ownership of the issues and co-create more responsible fashion solutions.

1. Identify the issues

Co-create a clear and complete visual representation of impacts through cards to be linked according to cause-consequence links.


2. Express yourself

A creation phase and a round table to express ourselves and debrief together.


3. Take action

A final phase focused on concrete solutions which invite us to rethink current production and consumption models.

 💼 For businesses

Trainings, conferences, seminars, kick-off meeting.
We come to your organizations, interact with your teams, as a powerful support for training, awareness, and formalization of your objectives.

🏫 For education

The Fashion and Impacts Workshop allows students and teaching teams to discover the underside of the fashion and textile industry in a fun, civic and inclusive way. Collectively, we discuss ethical and responsible alternatives, allowing us to rethink our relationship with clothing. Adapted pricing.

🌍 For citizens

Getting dressed is everyone’s business! Our consumption patterns directly impact us and generate numerous social and environmental consequences. Let’s recreate a virtuous cycle together.

In 2024, sessions of the public version will be offered in Paris to citizens in our online calendar.

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Merci !

Soumïa Maldji

Sustainable Development Consultant,


The workshop is an excellent way to bring together the different teams responsible for a brand (from creative to store to product development) around a table to initiate concrete and actionable reflection on the way we operate. . It is essential for any brand that wishes to empower its employees on sustainable development issues in fashion!

Marion Foret

Textile expert and materials consultant

The workshop in its systemic approach is a good way to become aware of the challenges of the ecological transition. The workshop is also a place for meetings, exchanges and confrontation of points of view, all in a friendly atmosphere supported by the team. Welcome given the subject.

Anne Montecer

Les Sublimes

The workshop is very well constructed and makes it very easy to think about the consequences of overconsumption in fashion. I liked the very fun format and the kindness of the facilitators. The group of participants was very friendly, and we were able to communicate with complete confidence. I think anyone can learn from this workshop regardless of their level of knowledge of the fashion industry. The workshop adapts to everyone's level.


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Who we are

At the initiative of this workshop, are three experts in sustainable fashion.

Fashion and textile professionals for 15 years, the founders came together around a common vision by creating an association with the aim of informing and raising awareness among as many people as possible in order to better produce and consume fashion. Through the sharing of experiences and knowledge.


Questions about the association, the organization of the workshop, the format or the content?

Do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you, we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Atelier Mode et Impacts© is a cooperative game based on an educational card game inspired by the Climate Collage, in order to understand the consequences of the textile industry by examining cause and effect relationships. It also offers the possibility of considering sustainable and ethical alternatives to adopt for a textile industry that is more respectful of living beings and the planet. An entertaining and collaborative tool accessible to everyone to understand the impacts of fashion and textiles on the climate and our society.

©2023 by Mode et Impacts

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