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Saì Gòn 2023 silk scarf

Welcome to our store: Maison Phùng, where we give free rein to our creative language mixed with our commitments, with creations edited in limited series by craftsmen and artists sharing our values and our appetite for know-how and impeccable quality of design.

Initially, my journey in ethical fashion began in 2010 with Linda Mai Phung fashion collections made by Vietnamese artisans with exceptional and eco-responsible materials.

Today, in this same vein, we offer you a silk twill scarf inspired by the exuberant city of Saì Gòn (Ho Chi Minh City) dotted with iconic places recommended by our community, and whose exclusive design has been illustrated by a talented artist: Melody Ùng.

An invitation to travel and discover the country of my heart and my roots, which conveys my desire to promote a creative and innovative Asian culture.

Green Saì Gòn map silk scarf

€109 for pre-order
€129 in stock

Ten years after the first edition of the Saì Gòn Map 2013 scarf, Linda Mai Phung collaborates with Melody Ung to design the 2023 version, embellished with the new streets and new neighborhoods that have emerged. Thanks to the contributions of its local Saigon community, we find the iconic and delicious street food places, the best ca phê and cocktail bars of this bustling city that never sleeps.

A contemporary and elegant piece made from a noble and luxurious material: silk, which can be tied in multiple ways to accompany you every day.


  • 100% silk twill - 98g/m2

  • Printed in Korea

  • Finishings in France

  • 90 x 90 cm

  • Shipping costs are free for France.

🛍 Pre-orders until December 20, 2023. Estimated delivery date: January 20, 2024.

🎁 If it's a Christmas gift, we will send you a pretty card to slip under the tree for the lucky recipient...(order before 12/15/2023 and add the code XMAS when checking out)

Why pre-order ?

We have chosen the pre-order method to minimize waste and overstock. It's our fair way of producing fashion by adjusting it to real demand.

At our printer, the minimum order to produce our scarves is 46 meters per design. So, don’t hesitate to share your favorite scarf with your entourage.

Blue Saì Gòn map silk scarf

€109 for pre-order
€129 in stock

A collaboration between Linda Mai Phung and Melody Ùng for the creation of a new edition of the Saï Gòn 2023 scarf. The illustration reflects the bustling life of Saigon, highlighting the emblematic places, the delicious cuisine, as well as the cà phê, bars and places of iconic and alternative cultures.

The noble material chosen is silk, an option that adds an elegant and luxurious touch between Paris and Saigon. The versatility of the scarf allows it to be tied in multiple ways, providing a piece that can accompany various occasions in everyday life.

This collaboration celebrates the dynamic evolution of Saigon while highlighting the cultural richness and diversity of its neighborhoods, all in an artistic creation that can be worn with style.


  • 100% silk twill - 98g/m2

  • 90 x 90 cm

  • Printed in Korea

  • Finishes in France

  • Shipping costs are free for France.

🛍 Pre-orders until December 20, 2023. Estimated delivery date: January 20, 2024.

🎁 If it's a Christmas gift, we will send you a pretty card to slip under the tree for the lucky recipient...(order before 12/15/2023 and add the code XMAS when checking out)


Very stylish ! How do I tie my scarf? Follow our dedicated Instagram page @maisonphung to discover the multiple uses of our scarves and the iconic places that will be revealed regularly.

What are the shipping fees ? We deliver all over the world. For France, shipping costs are free and this is done by Colissimo. For Europe, they are 13€. For international, they are 25€.

When will I receive my order ? For France : 📦 Colissimo at pick-up point, 3 to 5 days. 🏠 Colissimo at home, 2 to 3 days. 🏬 Mondial Relay at collection point, 3 to 5 days. For Europe by Colissimo: 🇪🇺 3 to 8 days. For international by Colissimo: 🌏 3 to 8 days.

Why pre-order? We have chosen to offer you parts on pre-order to minimize waste and overstock. It's our sustainable way of producing fashion by adjusting it to real demand. Our printer's minimum quantity is 46 m per color, and we will not produce the color if we do not reach 46 scarf orders, so don't hesitate to share your favorite scarf with those around you.

What if we don't reach the 46 pieces ordered? It would be sad but that's the game. The color will be canceled and we will offer you the other color. If you do not want to receive the other color, we will refund you within 15 working days.

Can I return my purchase? If the product does not meet your expectations upon receipt, simply return it to us at your expense, within 14 working days unworn, with its packaging. Upon receipt, we will reimburse you within 14 working days.

How do I care for my silk scarf? The scarf should only be washed when necessary and in the gentlest way possible. Use a soft cloth dampened with luke warm water to remove stains, gently patting the affected area without rubbing. Then let the scarf air dry on a flat surface.

How is my scarf made? It is printed at HYO SUNG DIGITAL TEX / JJBrothers in Korea. It is the most qualitative, reliable and efficient printer that we have selected among all the suppliers to our knowledge. If you know of suppliers closer to France, we will be delighted to evaluate a collaboration to reduce our environmental footprint. The finishings are manufactured in France by seamstresses in Ile de France, near Paris.


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Other questions? Contact us.

Follow our Maison Phùng Instagram account to discover the multiple knotting of scarves and the addresses of our Saigonese friends.

Screenshot 2023-12-01 at 16.39_edited.jpg

Mélody Ung, l'illustratrice

Melody Ung is an artist known for her work in illustration and comics, she works for magazines, businesses, podcasts and a publishing house. Recently, she has contributed as an illustrator in culinary literature and recently for children and published: "Vietnam Gourmand", "Vietnamese cuisine illustrated", "Are you hungry?".

Discover his work : 

I met Melody thanks to Linda Nguon of Banh Mi, an association which aims to promote diasporas, multiculturality and more particularly Asian cultures. I was looking for a new talent for this 2023 edition of the Saigon map and it was immediately a match between her illustrator's touch and my desire to have a new gourmet, lush, colorful and exuberant map, like Saigon.

And yes, there was a 2013 version drawn by Ayano Otani and surely a future 2043 version. 

The Story of the Saì Gòn map 

The Saigon map print was born in 2013 from the feeling of getting lost in a new city.
In 2009, freshly graduated, I left Paris for Vietnam to work in ethical fashion and co-founded two fashion brands. This adventure was enriched by ten years spent living and soaking up the vibrant culture of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) and Asia. In 2013, for one of my fashion collections, I asked the Japanese artist, Ayano Otani, to draw a map of our adopted city.

The map is the result of collaborative work on which we highlighted our favorite places to eat in Ho Chi Minh City - from street foods to chic restaurants -, to dance, to work and to drink a good coffee; with dedicated icons. Like writing memories in a travel notebook, this fine and meticulous illustration was an autobiographical work that invites you to visit our Saigon.

Today, 2023, ten years later, the city has evolved dramatically and creating a new edition seemed obvious. So, I asked all my local friends and family to send me their best recommendations to put on the map. A map whose locations I will reveal on @maisonphung until the end of the pre-order period.

This scarf is much more than just an accessory. It represents a journey through my city of heart, a delicious exploration of my roots, and testifies to my commitment to promoting a rich, creative and innovative Asian culture.
I can't wait to share this new piece of history with you.

Thanks to: Trisha, Chi-An, Anthony, Leandro, Jan, Trisha, Vu Quan, Florence, Noa, Diem, Nathalie and Di Sau.

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